Snowbird Reunion 2002


After Action Report, by Gary Lee Stamey


Hey all. I just got home from the airport a while ago and thought I'd give a timely report on the 101st. Airborne Snowbird Reunion I just attended in Orlando. Present were: Bob and Cathy Carr, Bob Clewell accompanied by Courtney Johnson, Mike Pavisich, Smokey Stover, Chuck Slezak and myself.

I'm sad to inform everybody that G. W. (Bill) Welch, the President of the Florida Chapter of The 101st. Airborne Division Association, who sponsored this reunion for us had a fatal heart attack near the sign in table, in the front lobby, on Friday morning. He was welcoming members to the event and being with his buddies.
I hope he's with The Eagles tonight.

This particular reunion was a bit more friendly and mellow than last year's was. I enjoyed it much more than before. There were the several crewmembers from our sister aviation battalion companies, and other helicopter folks that we had a lot in common with. There were lots of grunts and other folks that we had shared flights, and combat tours with.

Mike Pavisich and his Pal Kurt Sutherland shared a room this year. Mike said I snored last year when we bunked together. I knew he was lying so I got my own room this year. And didn't, by God, snore once! If we ever make anybody honorary members of our gang Kurt will be my first nomination. And after this past weekend there are several others that will second that opinion. Kurt lost a leg in the Ashau with the 5-0 Deuce and the dumbass fell off a ladder, last year, and broke the other one. Kurt also advised me thru my VA claim, which I was awarded the day before I left for Orlando.

As usual Chuck Slezak took off for most of the day and parachuted with friends at the local jumping club. Bob Clewell slept late, but had bought extra reunion member registration slots for anybody that only got to attend at the last minute. He's like that if you ever get to know him. Smokey was easy and cool. I've considered making him slip me a little "Hush Money," to prevent me from telling his true story, but it might start a chain reaction. Yuck Yuck. Bob and Cathy  were their usual Ray of Sunshine. Bob was away from his hassles, with us and times were good.

In order not to get in Dutch with our Webmaster there will be several photos sent by different people when they are processed. I didn't take any myself, but I bet I'm pretty handsome in the ones others took.
Best to All,
Gary Lee


Pictures to follow…………

Seated: Smokey Stover, Rachel Torrance, and Smokey's brother Bill Stover

Standing: Gary Lee Stamey and Chuck Slezak

Photo provided by Bob Carr

Bob Carr, Gary Lee Stamey and Mike Pavisich

Photo provided by Bob Carr

An Eagle who flew south for the Snowbird….

Photo provided by Bob Carr

Smokey Stover, left, Bob Carr and Gary Lee Stamey

Photo provided by Bob Carr

 Gary Lee Stamey and Kathy Carr

Photo provided by Bob Carr

Gary Lee and Brig Gen David, XO of the 101st Airborne and Kurt Sutherland

Photo Provided by Chuck Slezak

 Gary Lee Stamey seated, Chuck Slezak and Gen David

Photo Provided by Chuck Slezak


 Chuck Slezak and a WWII Vet by the name of Frank. He was in a sister company of "E"ASY Company of Band of Brothers Fame.

Photo Provided by Chuck Slezak


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