28th Annual 101st Airborne Division Association Snowbird Reunion

February 5-8, 2004 ~ Ramada Plaza Hotel & Inn ~ Kissimmee, FL

Sponsored by The Central Florida Chapter of the 101st Airborne Division Association


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After Action Report
The 2004 Snowbird was a huge success for all of the members and friends of A/101 Avn. We had a record number (fifty four) of A/101 members and guest attend this years Snowbird reunion. Along with Gary Lee's usual great hospitality room decorations, this year we had a Outstanding new banner that hung on the outside to let the whole hotel know where the "fly boys" where located. We also had a new banner that was produced by John D. Kennedy, new flags and decorations for the room by Mike Pavisich, and Marty DiOrio even brought his banner that was at the 2000 reunion and was signed by all in attendance from both reunions.

Our Wings of the Eagle hospitality room was a showpiece that we gladly showed off to all that visited us there during the week. I am very proud of the way our members and guest helped with our expenses by donating to the room cost and by taking part in our raffle. Special thanks go to John D. Kennedy for once again stepping forward to donate his "watch part helicopters" for the raffle, along with items donated by Gary Lee, Mike Pavisich & RB the raffle along with other cash donations paid for the cost of the room, refreshments and covered the cost (within $30.00) of the wedding. Thanks to all of you that helped make this reunion a memorable week for all that attended.

The Mike and Terry Pavisich Friday afternoon wedding was the highlight of the week during the reunion. The Comanchero wedding was held poolside in the hotel's covered garden area. Sue Turner, the wedding planner, did an outstanding job with the decorations, gathering supplies, along with arranging for the food and refreshments.  Sue donated many hours of her time arranging a beautiful wedding. Every A/101 member was presented with a wonderful Comanchero Hat carnation corsage hand made by Nancy Wofford and her mom. A big thanks to Sue Turner, Nancy and her mom, and everyone else involved in the wedding for all their hard work. Fellow Comanchero and 101st Association VP Chuck Luczynski presided over the ceremonies, giving the wedding a special touch that was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Along with Vinnie Vicari's help Chuck made the wedding a memorable one that we all can be very proud of. At the appropriate time the ring was passed between all of the A/101 Avn members present who stood up for Mike at the wedding. All of those in attendance will tell you that it was a great event that we will all never forget. Congratulations to Mike and Terry from all of the flight with all the best wishes for many happy years together from us all.

Friday afternoon, after the wedding, we all gathered at the hospitality room in reception of the new couple. Then in the early evening we all gathered together and went to dinner next door at the Black Angus. We had a total of 55 people attend dinner with us Friday night and a great time was had by all. Thanks go to Don Kennedy and André Thomas for arranging the evening dinner. After dinner we all returned to the hospitality room for drinks, I heard it was early morning before the last stragglers went to bed.

Saturday was a little chilly but after a great lunch served by the Central Florida Chapter we all had a great day with outstanding friends. The awards dinner was held on Saturday evening and after dinner all of the raffles were drawn with several A/101 Avn personnel winning prizes as keepsakes of the reunion.

The reunion was our best attended reunion to date and it showed in the fellowship of those in attendance from our flight. A very special thank you goes to Gary Lee Stamey for a great time and for every thing you do for our brotherhood. Many thanks also go to Mike & Terry Pavisich for once again this year showing us a great time, you both are wonderful host. Tammy and John Stallings thank you for the opportunity after thirty four years to spend precious time again with a great friend. And finally to all of the A/101 Avn family for being the best people on the face of the earth, I love you all. There is no doubt that A/101 was a big part of the Snowbird reunion this year, we showed all of the Screaming Eagles in attendance that A/101 Avn still leads the way for others to follow!

A/101 AVN Morning Report - 2004 Snowbird Reunion

Gary Lee Stamey

Richard A. Bittle

John and Tammy Stallings
Fred Cappo

 Chuck Luczynski

 Michael J. Pavisch And Terri (Johansson) Pavisch
Ron and Barb Kuhn
Martin DiOrio
J J "Crash" Makool
Chuck Slezak
Gil and Pam Jones
John D. Kennedy
Michael Gouch
Don and Judy Kennedy
Edgar and Patty Rotenberry
Dave and Joanne Hunt
Robert Clewell with his sons Lucian and Paul
 Joe and Sue Turner
Hermie and Karen Schindler
Robert Romero
Robert Roybal
Jerry & Edna Montgomery
Kert Sutherland
Stephen R. Stover
André and Valerie Thomas
Jerry and Nancy Wofford
Milo Overstreet and wife
Vinnie Vacari
Stephanie, Ryan & Megan Ferrell
Ted & Betty Crozier
CW4 Randy Welch and wife Caryl and two sons
Clyde Dixon and son

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