September 30, 2000 Plaza Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV

 All photographs owned by Richard A. Bittle


From left to right: Curtis J. Bodin Jr., and his son is Curtis J. Bodin III (also a veteran),. JJ Makool, Robert Morris, Frank Tigano, Fred Thompson, Stephanie Thompson, Richard A. Bittle, Rick Campbell, Shella Campbell, Robert Clewell

L to R; Bob Morris, JJ Makool, Jim Wisecup, Kathy Noe and Robert Noe chat in the hospitality room

Charles Wesley at left, with Bob Morris and Robby Robinson.  The picture is of note because these two team members believe they were pulled out on strings attached to a Huey flown by Tony Lowe and Bob Morris, i.e. the last ship out prior to the crash of AC# 68-15255 on 2/18/71.  This was there first meeting since then.

Dave Johnson in the SOAR hospitality room

Curtis J. Bodin III Madelain Tigano and Dana Tigano

Frank and Dana Tigano

Richard A. Bittle and Bob Morris

Fred and Stephanie Thompson

Madelain and Frank Tigano

Dana Tigano and Robert Clewell, standing, Curtis J. Bodin

Frank Tigano, G. Gordon Liddy and Fred Thompson

John L. Plaster, Author of two books on SOG, and G. Gordon Liddy, Radio talk show host

G. Gordon Liddy and Richard A. Bittle

L to R; JJ Makool, Bob Morris, Curtis J Bodin, Jim Weisbrod, team member who was hooked up when Jim Wisecup crashed at Co Roc 7/70, and Frank Tigano

Robert Morris, Jim Wisecup and Robert Clewell

Kathy and Robert Noe

Shella Campbell and G. Gordon Liddy

Robert Morris, G. Gordon Liddy and Richard A. Bittle

Curtis J Bodin Jr., G. Gordon Liddy and Curtis J Bodin III

Fred Thompson and G. Gordon Liddy

 All photographs owned by Richard A. Bittle


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