LZ Mile High VHCMA Reunion

Denver, 1999

All photographs owned by Richard Bittle

Three A/101 AVN CE's

Richard Bittle (70-71), Don Kennedy (69) and Chuck Slezak (65-66)

 J Internet Friends meet at LastJ

Doug Ward, Richard Bittle and Dutch Covert

The Three Docs

Doc Hyatt, Doc Reynolds and Doc Reilly

Typical Heli-Vet Members

Doug Ward, Art Cline, Richard Bittle and Dutch Covet

Book signings

Mark Herring, Don Kennedy, Jessie McCloud and Doug Ward

Gary Roush with his computer & Database

Thom McGarey, Chuck Slezak and Karen Hubbs

Now these two look like they are having Fun!

Don Kennedy and Doug Ward

The fine Wine flowed for our new VP, paid for with campaign funds J

Chris and Mary-Elizabeth White

Toasting the New VHCMA VP, Chris White

? , Karen Hubbs, Jerry and Marsha Zott and Doug Ward

"It's a deal then, Charlotte in 2000 right"

Thom McGarey, John "Goosie" Goosman and Marvin "Swashplate" Camp


Numba one GI

Jessie McCloud and John "Goosie" Goosman

"and then I grabbed that gator by the tail…."

Dutch Covert, Art Cline, Don Kennedy and Doug Ward

It must have been something Dutch said!

Swashplate, Jonathan Goosman and Gossie

Charlie Rains, Exec Dir. VHCMA

? and Johnny Hubbs

Karen and Johnny Hubbs and Thom McGarey


A Great time was had by all!!!!

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