Stories of Flying with A/101 Aviation authored by A/101 AVN Veterans

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1.        101st Aviation Battalion History, in the words of it's veterans © Various Authors

2.        Ambush at Takur Ghar: Fighting for Survival in the Afghan Snow © By Bradley Graham, Washington Post

3.        Army birds drop in on Richmond / Helicopters in urban exercise  © BY PETER BACQUÉ Times-Dispatch Staff Writer

4.        BBQ Deer -  © By Gary Lee Stamey and Gil Alvarado

5.          BOOM BOOM   © By Jim Morgan

6.          The Boot –  © By Jerry Turner. Warrior 25

7.        The Bug Eater -  © By Reggie Kenner

8.        CO ROC MTN. & "THE CRASH OF AIRCRAFT # 550" © by CRASH MAKOOL & CREW (JULY 20, 1970)

9.          A collection of recollections and photos  © By Roger A. Nale

10.     The Counter Terrorist Raid  © John D. Kennedy, Warrior 27

11.      CYCLIC CLIMBS AND AIRBURSTS  © Jerry Turner. Warrior 25

12.     Dan Feezell and Miss America  © By Several Comancheros

13.     Extraction in the Tri-Border area  © By Frederick Ellis

14.      Fly Delta’s Big Jets   © By Jerry Turner. Warrior 25

15.      The Hand  © By Jerry Turner. Warrior 25 

16.     Hamburger Hil and A Company © by Jerry Simpson

17.      The Hideout Hogs -  © By Gary Lee Stamey

18.      The Hog -  © By Chuck Slezak and Roger Nale

19.     The Hot extraction -  © By CPT Jay Tate, 70/71

20.     Jump Over to the Other Side  © By Tom Cavanaugh

21.     Just say it was the Comancheros © By Glenn Nichol

22.     Kosovo Trip After Action Report  © By Col Vincent Reefer

23.      Raid on deep-water port -  © By Howard Klein

24.      The Long Journey Home -  © By Dave Demsey

25.      LZ Lolo Lam Son 719 -  © By Gilbert Alvarado 70/71

26.     LZ Lolo #2 Lam Son 719 -  © By Gilbert Alvarado 70/71

27.     Recollections of Lam Son 719 © By Gil Jones

28.      Some of the A/101 Avn Pilots I flew with in Vietnam © By Gary Lee Stamey

29.     Mother Rucker – © Provided by John D Kennedy

30.     My First Encounter with the Warriors and Thunderbirds By John Gianvittorio

31.      NIGHT FRIGHT   © By Jerry Turner. Warrior 25

32.      Night Mission and Milo's Tower © by John Bercaw and Milo Overstreet

33.     No One Gets Left Behind © by Aj Santiago, Iraq 2007

34.     The September 14, 1970 extraction of CCN Recon Team Moccasin - © by Robert Morris 70/71

35.      THE SOC TRANG UFO   © By Jerry Turner. Warrior 25

36.     SOC TRANG, RVN  Home of the: Tigers, Vikings, Red Devils, Warriors and Thunderbirds.  © By James W. Rickard

37.      SOG-Sergeant Madison Strohlein © By Richard A. Bittle 70/71

38.      The Spring of 69 was an exciting time to be a Coma-Coma-Comanchero!!  © By Joe Beach

39.      STORMY WEATHER  © By Jerry Turner. Warrior 25

40.     A trip to FSB Rockpile - Follow the leader © Reggie Kenner

41.      VI TANH 1965  © By Jerry Turner. Warrior 25

42.     Weird Harold and LT Kagy  © By several A/101 Veterans

43.     Aviation songs that were sung by Crewmen © By several A/101 Veterans

Poems submitted by Veterans © By several A/101 Veterans



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