New Pictures 5/27/00 “Bob’s first Flight of 502”



It has been 29 years when I last flew 502 in SEA.  Today I flew the first Official flight in support of a Memorial Day service to veterans.  Have a great Memorial Day weekend.
Bob Carr


New Pictures 5/28/00

Marc Goodell takes his first Huey flight since leaving Vietnam March 12th, 1971. With Marc at the controls, 502 lifts off for her second test flight.  A flying Memorial to the Veterans who lost their lives in helicopter incidents while serving their country.  Hope all are having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

Bob Carr and Marc Goodell

Crewchiefs Kathy Carr and Denis Meintze giving Marc Goodell last minute instruction on how to fly.

Marc was not grinning, he was barking off orders "Bob, put the camera down or were leaving without you".

P/Z in this case it's Picture Zone.  Bob forgot to connect the relief tube.

Hey Guy! Don't leave me here. You know how I "love"snakes and alligators.

My ass is in the grass, they're leaving me!

My wife is having a bad hair day.

Marc thinking he's looking for gun in sampans on the Perfume River, but in reality it's the Peace River and their running dope not guns

Crew at rest.  Sheriff's Office Chief Pilot Carl Burgerhoff, Captain Bob Carr and acting Aircraft Commander Marc Goodell "Comanchero 20"

Ha! Ha! we're having all the fun.


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