The Restoration Work Begins

May 2000

Pictures Below, May 9, 2000, Work in Progress

We will have Alpha Eagle written below

We did not forget our Warrior Brothers

Main Rotor hub assembly back from overhaul.  Almost BFN and back to the original gray.

It's a first platoon aircraft with the white skid caps.

Work in progress on pilots door.

Make no mistake this is going on 502.

New Pictures – 5/18/00

George Kerr, left, Robert Carr, John Lipski and Mike Goff (in Cav Hat) at the FL Airshow March 00

New Pictures – 5/18/00

Denis and Rick putting on M/R

New Pictures 5/23/00 “The Start Up”

New Pictures 5/23/00 “The Start Up”


Five0Deuce lives!!!

Startup was a success, few minor problems, but those will be worked out in time to leave for Ft. Campbell.  Bob is in the process of getting insurance for her first flight.  Congratulations to Bob and the Crew on a Outstanding Job!

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