U.S. Aviation History is rich with songs that were sung by Crewmen at the Clubs during there down times. These songs helped past the time, boast moral, and show the pride that we all had in our units. Here are some examples of some of the songs that were sung by the Men of A/101 AVN, the Comancheros.

The Official Comanchero Fight Song ©

Coma-Coma-Coma Comanchero!
Coma- Coma-Coma Comanchero!
We're long on misery, we're short on sympathy!
Our country tis of thee!
Coma-Coma-Coma Comanchero!

Coma-Coma-Coma Comanchero!
Coma- Coma-Coma Comanchero!
We fly for victory, we fight for dignity!
Our country tis of thee!
Coma-Coma-Coma Comanchero!

Line 3 was spoken (shouted, actually), line 4 was sung to the tune of the original, and the last line was generally followed by whoops, hollers and whistles.


He's a lifer, pray for him
I am out, but he's still in
Let him get his bennys free
Get his airborne OJT

Song sung to the music from the Hymn "Rock of Ages"

 "Gory-Gory what a hell of a way to die,

Gory-Gory what a hell of a way to die,

Gory-Gory what a hell of a way to die,

And he ain't gonna fly no more".

 This was sung to the tune of the Battle Hymn of the Republic.


Re-up and get your bennies free.
Re-up get Airborne OJT.
Re-up, I'd rather throwup
Than be a lifer, loser a dud.

Re-up and by a brand new car
RE-up show what a fool you are.
Re-up I'd rather throw up,
Than be a lifer a loser a dud.

Sung to the melody of the theme from BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KHWAI.

Sung to the tune of The Camp Town Ladies

You're going home in a body bag
Do Dah, Do Dah
You're going home in a body bag,
Oh do dah day.

Mutha Fletcher's dead,
Mutha Fletcher's dead,
Your going home in a body bag
Mutha Fletcher's dead.

He got hit by an RPG
Do Dah, Do Dah
He got hit by an RPG
Oh do dah day

Repeat the Mutha Fletcher's


In the key of G major to the tune of Woody Guthrie's song called the "Candy
bar blues. Gary Lee Stamey

 One day I crossed the big blue sea and I went to the land called Vietnam Expenses paid.......by Uncle Sam.

He put a gun into my hand and said you're gonna be a fighting man
You'll crawl thru the mud and the grime and the sweat
And this is one day boy
You won't forget

Then I volunteered for doorgunner school and everybody called me a Goddamn
They said you'll fly up to 5000 feet and there you're savior.....
You're gonna meet

And then sure enough one day I heard old sergeant Mangum say
Your going on a mission and you might get killed
I said where are we going
He said Hamburger Hill

This morning we're cranking, it's 4:15
The blades are untied, the lights are green

You're clear on the left..You're clear on the right
And here we go
Up into the sky

Shit, here I am at Hamburger Hill
All around me there's people gettin' killed
The Cobras flying and the rockets crash
And buddy........I'm looking out for my ass

The Lz's tight the blades are near
The grunts are heavy as I help their fear
I pull a ruck to help him out
And then my ship is pulling out.

The air is cool we're flying high
another day up in the sky
I'm going home to drown my sorrow
I wonder if they'll be there tomorrow.

Gary Lee Stamey ©

Songs, Verses submitted by Gary Lee Stamey, Jay Tate, Thomas Halligan, Bob Morris, Martin DiOrio, Pete Federovich, Jerry Turner and George Dodge.

All Songs are under copyright to the authors and may not be copied and/or Used in any matter without the permission of Author.



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