Roster of A/101 AVN Veterans A - D

The names on the following roster only represents our unit members that have contacted this web site. The roster is not meant to be a full representation of all personnel that served with our unit through time. If you are a A/101 Avn veteran, or are currently serving with our unit, please sign the roster.

Veterans Name

Service Dates

Call sign or Nick name


Current Occupation

Current Location

Michael T. Alford

12/68 12/69


Pilot #115 & 116


Government Employee

Framingham , Ma

Gilbert Alvarado



Door gunner/Crew Chief UH-IH 68-16252

Retired LTC United States Army (Active) Assistant Professor/Department Chair Criminal Justice Department New Mexico Military Institute

Roswell, New Mexico

Arthur F Amato



Serial Number 64-13521

Crew Chief Warrior 14



Malden Ma

Victor W. Anderson

08/68 - 08/69



Been in Banking for the last 26 years

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

John D Anderson

May 69 - May 70

Comanchero 21

CW4 IANG Retired

Production Engineer, John Deere Construction Equipment

Coal Valley, Il

Morris Darryl (Andy) Anderson May 1965 to March 1966 Warrior 26 and Warrior 3 MOS 15/41 Financial/Insurance Consultant Big Canoe, Georgia
Richard Anderson April 2005 - present Pilot In Command MOS 153D A 4/101 Avn Regt Clarksville, TN

Jim Andresen

04/69 06/69




Marketing Manager

Marion, MA

Gary Andrews march 1969 - march 1970 roho ce 998 994 67n20 Retired Lexington, NC
Richard Allan Balliet Nov 1965 to Nov 1966   Aviator Retired 06. Retired in 2001. Last assignment Chief of Staff of the North Dakota Army National Guard Avondale, Arizona
Carl Barber May-Nov 02 / Feb 04 - present Comanchero35/05 153DB Military/Aviator/Safety Fort Campbell, KY
Stephen Barusso 1956-1959 101st Aviation Co Command/control MOS 673-17 Retired Deputy Fire Chief Gloucester, Massachusetts

Roger L. Baxley

jul 1966 and was wounded  18 Oct 1966.


A Co. 101 Avn winged warriors as Plt Sgt, Soc Trang


Fort Valley, Georgia

Joe Beach

Feb-July 1969


Platoon Leader, 2nd Platoon

Retired, Army Officer/Defense Contractor


Marvin (Randy) Beckler

12/69 to 12/70



G5 Civil Affairs

Maint. Mech/AC last 20 yrs

French Village, MO

John Bednarz

08/68 - 08/69


A/C of


Computer Systems Analyst/System Administrator - Emery Worldwide

Portland, Oregon

Dennis Beattie




Pilot A/C for 67-19502

EMS Site Manager/Pilot

Canton, Michigan

James Bell February 1968 to May 1970 Comanchero 244 67N40 1st flight SGT Retired Orange, CA

John P. Belsome

1970 / 1971


Crew chief of [THE NIGHTHAWK 15086]

Shift Fire chief and UNIT SPECIALIST for MONSANTO in La.

Gretna, LA

CW4 Edward R. Bennett OCT 85 to JUN 88   BlackHawk Pilot Retired CW4 AirTran Airways pilot Queenstown, MD
Nicole Richner Bennett 11/96 - 8/99   67T Blackhawk Crewchief Payment Discrepancy Analyst Murfreesboro, TN

John Bercaw

1/68 - 9/68



Networking Instructor
Waubonsee Community College
Sugar Grove, IL.

Aurora, IL

Robert E. Berry

1969 through Nov. 10th 1970

Door Gunner

119 ship shot down with Mr. Trampee, AC & Fred Keely,CC

1st Flight Platoon SGT. 1970

Dearborn Heights, MI

Theodore A. Betterley May 1991 to Jun 1994 Comanchero 17 MOS: 153DL MTP/ME/IP Woodville, WI
Barry Billmann may 65-March 66 Warrior 26 Helicopter Pilot Systems Engineer Turnersville, NJ

Richard A. Bittle

12/70 10/71


11B20 67N20

UH-1H #67-17261

Raises Christmas Trees

Web Master A/101 AVN

Ephrata, Washington

Curtis Bodin


Comanchero 15  (Rajun Cajun)

CW2 Aviator

Pharmaceutical Sales Manager

Arnaudville, Louisiana

James Bond 1968       Milford, Maine
Billy C. Bowen 9-65 to 9-66 MOS: 1981 Rotary wing aviator A/101 at Soc Trang between Sept. 65 and Sept. 66. as a Lt. flying UH-1s slick. Retired -  I went to work at Bell Helicopter in 68 and worked there for 32 years. Granbury, TX
Alfred Bradley 1 Mar 69 to Feb. 70   67n20 Manager-building supplies Tamarc, FL

Joseph L. Bradley

April 88 to retirement January 94

Comanchero 13

Lift Pilot/ASO

Life Flight Pilot for Vanderbilt Univ

Dickson, TN

Kenneth W. Brast 5/69-12/69 Comanchero 3 Arty Mortgage Broker Birmingham, Alabama
James W. Bretz November 1965 thru March 1967 Warrior 28 Crew Chief Warrior 28/ Platoon Sergeant Owner-Bretz Sales & Service, Inc. Sales & Service on ATVs, SNOWMOBILES, and LAWN & GARDEN Union City, Indiana


Mike Bright


03/69 to 01/70

A/101 & F trp


AC# 66-16226

Abu Dhabi Aviation

Helicopter Contracts Manager

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Carlos J. Brown

Mar 97-Oct 97

Comanchero 05

Executive Officer

4-123rd Avn Regt.

Fairbanks, AK

Doug Brown

Feb 28 1970- Jan 31 1971

AC 1010 and 497

I was a crew chief and an acting jack section Sgt. at the time. 


Rockford, Wa.

John David Brown
05 Mar 02 - 09 Feb 07   MOS: 15T
Flight Instructor Fort Campbell, KY
Richard Brown Nov 65-Nov66 Warrior 12 67n20 crew chief retired electrician Roseburg, OR
Anthony M Bruno 1963-1965   Bn mail clerk attached to A Co. Retired Greenfield, Wisc
Lonnie Bryant 17 July 1969 Thru 16 July 1970  

67N20 Crew Chief


Riverview, FL



SHIP 15086




Bradley Burkholder





Christian Camp Manager

Manchester, KY

Darren W. Buss

Jun 99 to Jun 00 Comanchero 16 1st Flight Platoon Leader from June 1999 - June 2000   APO
John Butora Apr 2002 - Sep 2003 Comanchero 06 15B Developer Cordova, TN

SGT Devin Butterfield

A-22, #513, Jan 98-May 99(D Co)
May 99-present(A Co)


67T UH-60 Crew chief

A Co. 4/101 AVN 1ST FLT

Ft. Campbell, KY

Rudolph ( Rudy ) Bystrak

July 69 - Dec 69


Being a junior LT I was assigned all the jobs all the other RLOs didn't want supply officer, officer of guard, etc, Didnít get many hours was a peter pilot when I was transferred to 1st Brigade AVN Dec 69. Became 1st Bgde Co s Personal pilot until July 70

Retired from the Govt after 34 yrs of service

Mobile, AL

Gene Cabigas


Thunder bird 1 & 3

Gun Pilot

Harley-Davidson mechanic

Phoenix, AZ

Kevn J. Callaway Current Comanchero 77 UH 60 Pilot UH 60 Pilot Enterprise, AL



Door Gunner A/C# 491

Rick passed away July 25, 2001, at the age of 50.

Detroit police officer. 23 years, traffic duty on a Harley

Detroit Mich

Ronald A. Carl

Sept.68 to Sept. 69


Maintenance Tech./Pilot

Retired   US Army 1979 Retired EMS Flying 1996

Danville, Pa.

Tom Carlson

05/69 05/70




Postal Clerk 1973-Present

Bismarck, ND

Frankie Caryl 7/1962 - 4/64   675.27 Single Rotor Turbine Helicopter. Retired/Woodsmith/Digital Artist DeFuniak Springs, FL

Robert Carmichael

Jan 22 1969-april 15, 970



Lumber Industry

Tuolumne, CA

Dale R. Carpenter ,SSG 3/82-12/83   TDY from HHC 1st BDE to A co 101 AVN as commo plt sgt/comsec custodian. Surgical Assistant Rome, GA

Robert Carr




Maint. Officer

Captain, Charlotte County Sheriff's Office.

Port Charlotte, FL

Justin Wayne Carroll June 08- present   Door Gunner


A 4/101 Avn Regt Cottonwood, AL
Brad Carter Oct 68/Oct 69   67N20 Crew Chief Retired Big Lake, Alaska

Richard Casanova

12/67 to 3/67

Bien Hoa

MOS:  67N2P   Crew Chief UH1H

Programmer Analyst

First Union National Bank - Charlotte

Matthews, N.C.

Joe Cash 1965 T-Bird Crew Chief Veterans Administration Central Point, OR
CW4 Jim Castronova 1 Feb 2003- 1 Nov 2003   153DB EMS Pilot Upper Darby, PA
Paul Cauley May 1971 thru Nov 1971   Door Gunner Own America's Best Patio Rooms Indianapolis, IN

Tom Cavanaugh


D/101 Ft.Campbell

Crew Chief 67N2F  65-10007 "007"

Air Traffic Controller, Cairns ARAC

Dothan Alabama

Stephen Cipot


Comancheros All the Way



Copier & Fax tech.

Chicago, IL

Alicia M. Chivers 16 August 2003 - current Comanchero 06 A/4-101 Avn Company Commander A/4-101 Avn Company Commander Clarksville, TN
Robert J. Clemo JUN 67-JUL68   67N20 Crew Chief U S Army (Ret) Helena, MT

Major Bob Clewell

10/70 - 05/71



Pilot, A/101 Commander

Resort Owner/ Operator

Lisbon, Ohio

Aaron Crockett 01June 2005 to present   15T Blackhawk Crew chief 15T Blackhawk Crew chief Clarksville, TN
Jim Cogan 1965 - 1966 Warrior14 Helicopter Pilot Air Traffic Controller Callahan, FL
Robert J Cogdal 1965-66   T-Bird crewchief   Bakersfield, Ca

John Collier

9-1-69 to 10-1-70


Crew Chief, Ac#495

VA service officer

Otis, Oregon

Bill Condon Nov 87 - Jun 91 Comanchero 28 MOS 153DC EMS Pilot / IP Hornell, NY
Dennis Cook May 68 May 69   67N20 67V20

Sgt Maintenance Crew Leader

Retired Yulee, FL

Gary D. Cook

August 1969 through August 1970


Crew Chief & gunner

Currently working as a federal contract specialist with the General Services Administration, Washington, DC

Arlington, VA

William Cook 1965   awards and decorations clerk Semi Retired Jacksonville, Alabama

Larry A. Cooper




US Post Office

Berea, Ohio

Chad Counsell Feb 05 - Present Feb 05 - Pres Comanchero Black Hawk CE A 4/101 Avn Regt Fort Campbell, KY
Ron Cossey  1970   Door Gunner WIA Roseville, CA

Charlie Cornett


Comanchero 41/693(Charlie II)


Buyer, Sage Parts GSE

Alexandria, Virginia

Steve Craig



A/101, Tech. Sgt.


Martinsville, VA

Jerry L. Crews





Deputy Director, Officer Placement Services, The Retired Officers Assoc
Alexandria, VA 22314

Alexandria, VA

Karl Crotts Aug 07 - present   Blackhawk Crew Chief A 4/101 Avn Regt Clarksville, TN

Howard R. Crotty

April 65-Apr 66

T-Bird 3


I was in the original group who left Ft Campbell in April 65 - sailed on the US Iwo Jima. I retired as a CW4 in 1978 - recalled to active duty in 80 & retired again in 84.  Presently fully retired in Ft Worth, Texas.  Had a second tour with the 101st flying Chinooks with B-272d from Apr 68 to Apr 69.

Benbrook, Tx

Ranal Culp



AC of UH-1 #66-16226

Water Plant Operator

Osgood Ind

James D. (Jim) Curry

6/71 1/72




Self employed Pipeline contractor

Simi Valley, CA

Todd Cuthbertson 10/92-12/93   Door Gunner operations manager
Cynthiana, KY
Edmond Daudelin May 1969 - Sep 1970   67N20 Maint/Crew chief Retired Fed Employee/MSG in Vermont Army Nat. Guard Essex Junction, Vermont

Travis & Lisa Davidson

Sept.'99 - present


Crew Chief,"444"

A Co. 4/101 AVN

Ft. Campbell  KY

John Bryan Davis 1997-2000   67TF Blackhawk Crew chief Manager Columbia, MD
Jeffrey M Day Sept 01 - present Battalion Stands Instructor 15T3A9 N1 4/101 AVN Clarksville, TN
Manuel DeBettencourt 1968   Generator Man   Lexington, North Carolina

Jason Deer



acft 9326531 UH60L

crew chief / door gunner

Ft Campbell, KY

Steve De Mars

Oct 68 to Oct 69

Comanchero 15

CW2 pilot

Aircraft #994

Colonel in the Minnesota Army National Guard serving as the State Army Aviation Officer.

Stillwater, Minnesota

Pat Derry

June '71--Feb. '72

Comanchero "2 1/2"


President & CEO
Rockford Process Control, Inc.

Rockford, Ill

Reuben "Ben" L. Densley Apr 1965- Apr1966 Thunderbird Pilot Gunship Pilot Commercial Pilot Merritt Island, FL
Gary DePillo 1971 Hanger mechanic and part time supply clerk 67N20 Retail grocery business San Diego, CA
MARCELO DE RISIO 1995 - 1996 35Q20 Avionics Flight Systems Repairer Program Manager - Harris Corporation Rochester, NY

William H. Dick

Jan 1971-Jul 1971


XO of the 101st Avn Bn

Ret. LTC AUS; Ret. Asst. VP Merrill Lynch

Spokane, WA

Martin DiOrio

08/70 11/70

 "Ti Ti Hung Duc"

Door gunner

Self employed Painter

Auburn Township, Ohio

Clyde R. Dixon JR May-Dec 70   Crew Chief Deputy Sheriff/Pilot Hillsborough Cnty, Fla Plant City, FL
Thomas Doane January 1966-January 1977 Warrior 25, Red Devil 5 1981 Retired, Buyer Riverside Casino Bullhead City, AZ
Darcy James Dobson 6/71 to 1/72   36K20 Field Wireman Truck Driver Lake City, FL

George (Stan) Dodge

09/70 - 09/71



Retired 06, now working with GRC International, Inc. on a contract with the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Financial Management & Comptroller) for Software Development and LAN and Web Support

Manassas, VA

Jose Luis Dominquez



101 T-Bird gun ships

I was a crew chief on a huey at Fort Campbell and Soc Trang

Hayward, CA

Richard Donahue Jr. Jun 1993-Dec 1996   MOS 67T Aircraft Mechanic MECHANICSVILLE, VA
James Michael Dorrigan sept.1968-sept1969 squirrel MOS 67N20 retired railroad conductor Mt.Shasta, CA
Kent Dotson nov 68 thru feb 69 Sharecropper 67N20
construction Sanger, CA
Dennis Downs 70-71   67n20 Crew Chief Retired Chebanse, IL
Dale E. Douwsma Dec 13th 2004- Present   MOS: 15 T
Crew Chief (flight) Fort Campbell, KY

Frank Duncan

06/71 - 02/72


Pilot AC#01981

Frank Duncan passed on 2/8/99 of cancer.

Freeport, TX

Eric Downing SEP01-Present   MOS: 15T Crew Chief/ Flight Instructor Des Moines, IA
Gilbert C Duran 1997 to 2002   MOS: 15T Aircraft Mechanic El Paso, Texas


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