To experience the emotional harshness of war as a Comanchero family, builds bonds deeper than blood. And, with the passing of one of our flight brothers, the pain is no less deep as if we had all been born of the same womb. Even in his passing, Frank has brought inspiration. I have written a poem, "Just say It was the Comancheros". I would like to dedicate this poem to Frank Duncan, a Comanchero brother. May God be with him always. Jay Tate


Just Say It Was The Comancheros ©

by Jay Tate

Comanchero 26/666 (‘70-’71)

Silver Wings upon our chests.

We fly our choppers above the best.

We can make more dough that way,

‘Cause you can’t spend, no green beret!

When night comes, We’ll fly the chopper home,

While through the woods, a sneaky pete will roam.

We’ll rest our bods, in a nice warm bed,

While upon a rock, he’ll lay his head.

CCN is the game in town.

The Comancheros will put them down.

We’ll pull’em out, if the going gets rough!

Our hair may-be-long, but we sure are tough.

Restin’ up, on the old stone grave,

Findin’ time to catch a ray.

Gettin’ ready for some fresh deer meat,

A ‘Nam barbecue, is hard to beat!

Our old man Clewell had a ruler in hand,

Now don’t get caught with your hair in a band.

Ain’t no need for over an inch,

‘Cause if you get caught, you butts in a cinch!

Lam Son came and we were there.

The Comancheros, it weren’t no scare.

We took some rounds and we paid our dues,

And even made, the News Week news!

Just say it was, ole Company A.

The Comancheros, they made your day.

Now write us up, ‘cause you’re safe and sound,

We got your butt, back on Khe Sanh ground!

Flaming Hookers, we drunk’em down,

That flaming stream, never hit the ground.

It made us brothers, to heed the call,

All for one....and one for all.

We lost some brothers, but they ain’t gone.

Their memory lives, in every song.

They gave us strength, to fight the fight,

Makin’ Comancheros, the mighty might.

Now those of us, who are here today,

When our lives pass, they will surely say,

He was a man, of a fearless flight,

He served his country and he did it right!

Those Silver Wings, upon our chests.

We are one, of our Nation’s best.

Comancheros, through thick and thin,

We’re comrade brothers, to the end!


God bless us all...those who are here today,

and those who now hover above us.

Copyright 1999, Jay Tate, All rights reserved


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