A 4/101 AVN "Comancheros" Newsletter

June 2004

The Comancheros had an extremely busy June.  The month began with preparations for the Week of the Eagles.  The preparation paid off with an extremely successful week with several big highlights.  The current Comancheros were incredibly honored to have some of the former Comancheros visit us in the company area during the week.  It was great to meet some of the heroes that started the company heritage and continue to keep it alive today.  We enjoyed swapping some war stories and getting the opportunity to visit with all those who attended.  The company kicked off Saturday 19 June with 7 aircraft and crews participating in a very successful air show.  In addition to those flying in the air show, Christy Fink and Paula Paul got the FRG organized with a fundraiser during the air show, which was extremely successful. 

            The company underwent some major changes this month with the addition of C Company Blackwidows on 1 July.  During the month we received some new personnel and at the end of the month we lost 1/3 of the company as our 3rd Platoon reflagged under the Blackwidows.  WO1 Joshua Havil arrived at the beginning of the month.  He came to us straight out of flight school.  Josh spent about ten years in the Navy before his enlightenment.  He has an interesting connection to the company as one of our other pilots, WO1 Mike Wick, and him grew up together.  The company finally started getting some new crew chiefs.  The soldiers turning the wrenches were glad to see some new faces after continual farewells and no hails.  SPC Brian Potter, his wife Alishia, and their two children joined us recently.  Brian spent a year in Korea before arriving to the unit.  The newest addition to A Company is SPC Brian Williams and his wife Sara.  He was a reservist who joined active duty.  We also received four other soldiers who spent about a month with the company before being reflagged with the Blackwidows.  SFC Michael Bonawitz, his wife Yonsuk, and their two children moved over from 5th Battalion.  He stepped in as the third flight platoon sergeant.  SPC Drexel Miller II, his wife Amanda and their soon to be born son Drexel Miller III arrived from Fairbanks, Alaska where he had been in the National Guard before going active.  SPC Michael Dick also arrived in third flight this month.  Before his arrival to the 101st, he spent a few years in Germany with 12th Aviation. 

            As I mentioned the standing-up of the Blackwidows made some big changes in the company.  In addition to the new arrivals that left us, we also lost some people that had been in the company for a long time.  1LT Erica Tye, CW3 Shannon Stewart, CW2 Brandon Hummingbird, CW2 Jason Lax, CW2 Stephen Oros, CW2 Kane VanVuren, CW2 David Stanley, WO1 Warren Brown, WO1 Daniel Denton, CPL Escobedo, SPC Scott Kaeding, SPC Nickolas Woods, SPC Ronald Hancock, SPC Juan Peter, and SPC Jon P. Jenkins all left A Company to become Blackwidows.  The loss to A Company was significant but they left us to build a great company.  Luckily they only moved down the hallway.  We did lose a couple a little farther away.  SFC Patrick Hopkins left 2nd Flight to become the Battalion Safety NCOIC and CW2 Dave Kober left Ft Campbell to become and instructor pilot for the UH60 Advanced Qualification Course.  After deploying with the company to Afghanistan and again to Iraq, Ft Rucker is just what Dave and his family need.  As we roll into the 4th of July weekend, the company looks forward to some quality time with their family and friends. 

Shoot Em In the Face


Alicia M. Chivers




A/4-101 Avn Regt



1SG Dave Paul

Photos from 1SG Tim Nidiffer's retirement ceremony

CPT Alicia M. Chivers, Comanchero 06 and 1st SGT Tim Nidiffer. SGT Nidiffer has been the Comanchero 05 since NOV 1999. SGT Nidiffer will be missed in the Comanchero flight, his wisdom and guidance has been a vital part of our successful missions in the last five years. We all wish you the best in you new endeavors,  we also look forward to your continued participation in the Comanchero Veteran family. Once a Comanchero, always a Comanchero!

Thank You Sergeant Nidiffer.

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