They called him Weird Harold


I'll share a story about Weird Harold with you that I still get a laugh over.  They called me Strange Tom, but Weird Harold was ..... was...... well, he was just plain Weird & loved it.

We were all sent down to Chu Lai to help the Americal Division with some real hot shit going on down there.  We lived (if you wanted to call it that) in tents, wooden pallets for a floor, your basic army issue cot, and lots of sand.  The crazy got crazier, the strange got stranger, and the weird got.......well, he got weirder.

Weird loved to pick on and aggravate one Lt. Kagy, who was really a nice guy.  We were all in the same tent.  Someone got a box of fudge from home, and Weird got ...yup....weird.  He took some of the fudge and fashioned a few pieces into what fudge would look like if it were fashioned into something rather disgusting.  Weird should have been an artist because it looked like someone took a healthy dump right on Kagy's pillow.  Wasn't long before Kagy came in.  Knowing who did it, and thinking it was real, he pitched a major fit a told Weird to get it off his pillow.  Weird walked over to Kagy's pillow, leaned over as if to check it out, picked up a strand and ate it.  The look on Kagy's face was virtually priceless.  Even those of us that knew what it was couldn't help but cringe.  I can still see it, and I don't think anyone that was there would ever forget the look on Kagy's face.  You had to love Weird......if you didn't you could be his next victim.  If you talk to him tell him Comanchero 23 / Strange Tom says "HI" and thanks for some really outlandish memories.

Catch you later.

Andre Thomas / West Palm Beach, FL
Comanchero 23 / 9-68 : 8-69



To go along with Andre's story here is a couple of pictures from those interesting days.  One is a picture of our home away from home at Chu Lai.  The other is a picture of Weird Harold (I think this is Weird Harold, funny how I can't remember all the names for the faces after 31 years) - One thing you should remember from this picture -"Always knock before entering Weird Harold's space".  I thought you might like to see pictures of Andre's story. 

Steve De Mars
        Comanchero 15



This story is no shit for real true!! I was an eye witness to the whole thing. As I recall Jim Andresen had a hand in this as well. Lt Kagy left the unit shortly after this incident and went to the 3rd Bde Avn section I believe. Don't remember if this was before or after our tent was strafed by the F-4. Andre is right, living on the beach in the sand does weird things to people.

Joe Beach
Comanchero 26

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