LZ Houston – Photographs by Jerry E.G. Turner


#18 loading Connie Pearson and wife into the bird

#01, Tom Halligan and Jerry Turmer

#02 flight planning with myself, Tom and  Guard Apache Pilots

#03 is one of our Apache escorts in the Church LZ

#04, Jerry & Lucille Turner

#05, Bruce, Keith & Julia Bodine and Connie-Sue Pearson crying

#06 Myself, Keith, Julia and Connie Mack Pearson

#07 Myself, Granddaughters Roxanne in cockpit, Jessica on the left

#08 Jerry Turner Shadow Pilots, and Apache Pilots

#09is inside the Shadow Bird, showing Comancheros patch that Tom placed in
the bird

#10 Jerry Turner in cockpit, with Granddaughters Jessica on left, Lindsey on right

#11 Jerry Turner being interviewed by local TV

#12 is a model Huey on the LZ Markings at the Houston VA Hospital.

#13 Jerry Turner and 1/LT.Randy Stillinger, OIC of our Apache escort

#15 The Eagle has landed!  All photos were taken at Ellington Field, our base of operations for the day

#16 Tom and Guard Apache Pilot awaiting A/C arrival




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