"Jump Over to the Other Side"


This happened during the mid 70's when the Comancheros were D. Co. We had a crewchief in our unit named Harry D Rogers who was just a little bit behind the power curve. This is his story as it was told to me. We had just got a new pilot fresh out of flight school who needed an orientation flight of the Fort Campbell AO. Harry D Rogers was the crewchief for the flight. Everything was going well until our unit IP had the new pilot try his hand at landing in a confined area. The newbe pilot was concerned about clearing the tail of the Huey, so he told Harry, "Chief, jump over to the other side and clear me down". The pilots felt a slight rolling motion. "Hey Chief, are we clear?" Silence. "Chief?" More silence. The IP glances down on the left side and there is Harry flat on his back on the ground! He must have fallen twenty five to thirty feet! Fearing the worst, the IP takes the controls and lands in a LZ about 100 yards away from the confined area. While the IP is shutting down, he sends the pilot to the hover hole to see what became of Harry. About halfway there, the pilot saw Harry walking his way! They walk back to the aircraft and check out Harry for any injuries. He had a few bumps and bruises, and the wind knocked out him, but was otherwise fine! The pilot and the IP asked what happened. Harry said that he thought he heard the pilot say, "Jump over the side and clear me down". So that's what he did. This is a true story. I have changed Harry's name to protect the innocent. And innocent he was. 


Tom Cavanaugh

D/101 Comanchero 4/74-7/76



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