Unit Insignia worn by A/101 Avn personnel throughout our legacy.

Reproductions of some of the  patches shown are available in our  A/101 Avn Merchandise Store



Fort Rucker Aviation School Patch - Provided by John D. Kennedy


101st Airborne Division Patch

Aviation Crest - Provided by John D. Kennedy

A Company 101st AVN Battalion (65/66 Soc Trang)

Warrior Slicks

Provided by Chuck Slezak

A Company 101st AVN Battalion (65/66 Soc Trang) Thunderbird Guns.This is not a patch, it is the emblem and nose art used by the Gun platoon.The Slicks and Guns both wore the Winged Warrior patch.

Provided by Chuck Slezak


A/101 Aviation Battalion Crest Circa 1965

Provided by Ed Schmelzer

101st Aviation Battalion Coat of Arms and Distinctive Insignia (Badge) circa 1968-1969

Pocket patch of the Warriors/T-Birds after they were designated as the 336th. Circa 1967-1968

Provided by John D. Kennedy

Mike Proff produced these patch reproductions based on the 1965-1966 T-Bird "Nose Art"

336th Avn "Winged Warrior" patch circa 1967-1968

A/101 Aviation patch used from 12/67 - mid-year 1969.

A/101 Aviation patch used from 12/67 - mid-year 1969. Call sign "Eagle"

Provided by John Bercaw


101st Avn Bn (AH) 1967-1968


101st Airborne Battalion Crest

Comanchero A/101 AHB

Provided by Richard Bittle

A Company 101st AVN (69-72 Camp Eagle)

Comanchero Slicks

A Company A/101 AVN (new patch scan)

Provided by Bob Carr

Provided by Steven Cipot

Provided by Kimball D. Kuehn

Comanchero Helmet decal  circa 1971

Provided by Steven Cipot

CCN/SOG Patch (Circa late 60's and early 70's)

Provided by Wayne Jones

Reproductions of some of these patches are available in our

 A/101 Avn Merchandise Store

In country battalion Patch. circa 1968-1969
Provided by Wayne Jones

Provided by Steven Cipot

FOB Patch circa 1971

Provided by Steven Cipot

In country SOG Patch.
Provided by Wayne Jones

This is the one given to John Lipski by Mike Duggan who had been on the team for 2 tours. XO on the last. The patch had been on my flight bag for a number of years.

Provided by John Lipski


This is a visitor pass the CCN compound, it seems that someone forgot to return it. circa 1971

Provided by Steven Cipot

CCN Recon Team RT Alaska

Reproductions of some of these patches are available in our

 A/101 Avn Merchandise Store


This "Blue" Comanchero patch was found on ebay. Unknown origin also unknown as to if it is a real patch or a reproduction however a blue patch was not an authorized Comanchero patch or ever worn by unit members.

Richard Bittle

A Company A 4/101 AVN Regt

(This is the circa 1980-90's patch of the Commancheros, notice the spelling change) Provided by Wayne Jones and Major RONNIE M. MILLER

101st Avn Regiment Crest circa 1968-present day


A Company A 4/101 AVN Regt

This Patch was worn by the members of the Comancheros from 1999 to 2004. Notice that they have changed the spelling back to COMANCHEROS (one M). Patch designer, SPC James Hoffman, Jason M. Halloren, CPT, AV, Commanding Officer during design period of the patch

 A 4/101 Avn Regt has returned to wearing this patch in 2006. It is now the current patch of the active duty Comancheros.

This is the new Comanchero Patch as of June 2004, it was designed by CW2 AJ Santiago. It was drawn by hand shortly after the Comancheros crossed the berm into Iraq. Once we returned, it was decided that the drawing would be converted into the new patch. The war hungry Comanchero aircraft in the patch wears 531 on the intermediate section for our lost aircraft of 531 which was lost over Mosul on NOV 15th 2003. We lost 4 Comancheros that night. Behind the aircraft is the country of Iraq. The blue oval is an aviation blue. The aircraft wears the Comanchero headgear to include the tassels and large brim. He is equipped with David Clark headphones and two fully locked and loaded M60 machine guns. he also has the Comanchero engine cowling "Tattoo". He is ready at a moments notice to spill the blood of evil do'ers and help those in need of a Comanchero.

This is the new 2007 A 4/101 Avn Comanchero PT shirt design This is the back of the PT shirt with the Battalion crest on the front left side. A/ 4 101 Avn Regt Black Oval Decal large 8" Patch

 Artwork designed by Cyr Zins

Combat Aviator Wings

Air Assault Wings

Combat Crewmembers Wings

Air Cavalry Badge

Reproductions of some of these patches are available in our

 A/101 Avn Merchandise Store


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