2007 Snowbird FEB 1st - FEB 4th

  Kissimmee, Florida

After Action Report of Snowbird 2007 

This year Snowbird was special.  Attendance didnít break any records, but those that attended were ready to converse and party.  We had some extraordinary happenings this year; Dick Winter paid for the room for the first two nights and that made our group even larger.  Additionally, the hotel gave our adjoining room to Bob Carr to stay. Such generosity. The hotel staff, as always, was very glad to see us return. 

Mike, Marty and I found that we made a great team; this was the first year that I hosted the hospitality and even enjoyed it.  Always in the past, I was too busy getting the stuff or picking up folks from the airport to have any fun.  Our pants didnít quite fall down from the weight of our wallets, but we did break even and made a profit which will be carried forward toward expenditures in 2008.  Many thanks for the folks who contributed to make us a success! 

John Collier came for the first time and shared his vision for a permanent hideout in Arizona.  He has acreage there that he wants to develop into an RV park, a hideout and a nursing home.  John is looking for support, so you can contact me to offer it.  We put him in touch with Dick Winter, who has great contacts in D.C. and John is going to formalize his ideas and hopefully, Dickís contacts can help make this go forward.

Some old friends were there.  John Riordan, Kurt Sutherland, (an Honorary A101 member), Jim and Irma Rickard, Joe and Sue Turner, Joe and Bertie Tracey;  Vince Reefer and Ken Roach brought their wives,  Courtney shared time with us, as usual, and this time, her luggage arrived with her.  It was so good to see the WW II folks, when they stopped by; of course, Vinnie came by to entertain us.  Vinnie hasnít changed a bit, thank God; I always am so grateful that he is still here.  As usual, no one could come to Snowbird without gathering at the Hideout for a time. Many of the visitors were proud to see the Hideout Hospitality still operational; some asked if the Hideout Hospitality was open when they were checking in! They commented that the Hideout Hospitality is always the best. 

This year, John Collier brought 16 pounds of Tillamook cheddar cheese, so the eats were particularly tasty.  Joe and Sue Turner donated their grapes, so we even came close to healthy.  Joe, Sue and Mike arrived wearing 101st Airborne skull caps, so we looked tough. Terry Pavisich, Marty DeOrio and Dick Winter were also given 101st Airborne skull caps donated by Joe & Sue. 

As usual, not all of the folks went straight home; Marty and Kurt went off to Bob and Kathy Carrís for a few days and John Collier stayed with me.  They all had a Super Bowl party, but I abstained. 

As Snow Bird was winding down many attendees renewed their commitment to make next yearís even better.

Gary Lee Stamey 


Photo by Bob Carr

Charlie Gant, Joe Turner, Sue Turner and Irma Rickard

Photo by Bob Carr

Courtnay Johnson

Photo by Bob Carr

Bob Carr

Photo by Bob Carr

Gary Lee Stamey and Mike Pavisich

Photo by Bob Carr

Malanie Janssen, Marty DeOrio, Gary Lee Stamey, Bob Carr & James Rickard



Vince Reefer
Gary Lee Stamey
Mike and Terry Pavisich
Martin DiOrio
John Collier
Bob Carr
John Riordan
James Rickard and wife Irma
Melanie Janssen
Joe & Sue Turner
Kert Sutherland
Courtnay Johnson
Ken and Joanne Roach
Joe and Bertie Tracey
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